Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One has to presume that at one point there is a change of paradigm, of understanding, a tipping point where what was once "truth" is seen in a new light for the falsehood it once was.

One hopes but then Orwell's ghost enters the conversation and you are reminded that language is being devalued.
That the currency of thought has been spent, the definition of reality has been turned upside down and inside out.
Looking at history you would have to say that even when the barbarians breached the gates, even when reason was banished for centuries betterment won out.
That however was when rulers were mortal men.
Now that all power has been vested in the Government empowered by the most powerful of technologies, and desiring to control even the most inconsequential aspect of human behaviour we risk the loss of distributed decision making, financial independence and individual freedom.

How are trends, fads, ideologies which wreak havoc halted?
How are the sectarian religions overcome by reason, humanity and decency? How is civilization preserved.
Who stopped the inquisition?

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