Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It is sadly reminiscent of Pravda.
A particular ideological line has to be supported at all costs.
The ice is melting, the world is warming.
Facts contradict that
In this piece there is another reason for the calving of the Ice Berg the build up of ice.
It contradicts the ideological line.
Simple choice for the editor.
Leave out the actual reason for the calving of the Iceberg and stick to the "party" line.
The ice is melting the world is warming
All together now repeat "The world is warming the ice is melting."
The trouble with this is twofold.
It masks reality. The reason given for the calving is not the real reason that it happened.
The world has not warmed for 18 years. The ice is not melting.

The story building as it does on a real thing, the iceberg did calve and reinforcing as it must by the current ideology that the world is warming the ice is melting.

The story reinforces a mental reality at variance with the true reality.
As the desired reality departs further and further from the real reality
there can only be one political outcome.
Those who disagree with the official reality must be silenced. They must be discounted,
made into figures of hatred, of truth denial by the true believer and guardian's of the official reality.
We have two hopes for reality to be understod and the affairs of the world conducted in a dialogue of reason and rationaty addressing the reality that is.
The internet and freedom of speech.
The Internet is robustly constructed.
Freedom of speech is not.

I suppose one can only hope for another epiphany.
Like that point in 1989 when a billion people said that they had been lied to about reality.
And threw out communism.
A thomas Kuhn shift.

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