Sunday, August 23, 2015

A quote from a commentator on Wattsupwiththat
 - M Seward I think.
Couldn't have said it better my self

A lot of us think we live in a rational, science dominated world with the dividends from the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Age of Reason flowing into our lives. There are however an awful lot of people out there whose education was not really sufficient to bring them up to speed with enough maths, science and the rationality of scientific method who simply do not see. hear or feel in that same part of the intellectual spectrum. They still take their life cues from the sorts of emotionally targetted thinking and rhetoric that has been the signature of the shamans, the priests, the mythmakers and the secular spruikers who have always been there in the irrational shadows. Climatologists are just a recent iteration of the doomsayer strand of humanity’s manipulator class who can make a buck spruiking their schlok and form alliances of convenience with political and commercial interests who see their work as just the latest brand of useful idiocy.
This is an old problem wearing some new ’emperor’s’ clothes.
I just wish they would all find their Jim Jones and a supertanker full of Kool Ade.

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