Monday, August 17, 2015

I think I will put a bit of my thinking, reactions and ideas here instead of bugging a lot of friends on Face book who sensibly arn't taken with these kind of notions

Heres an extract from a magazine I ran in the nineties. 28 May edition 1997

Still waiting for the idea to be taken up

A whole new industry?

Some days you feel your six months ahead of the rest of the world. You recall the Internet site where some lazy students (the worlds greatest inventions are by lazy people wanting an easier easy - C Benz) located a camera facing their coke machine in the dorm basement and used the Internet to see if it still contained cans.

From this I postulated there was a great industry coming where bored housewives in Murmansk could use the Internet to monitor security installations in Chicago, factories with cameras mounted watching the premises wired to a site which measured movement and reported to Olga when something was afoot. Well from the land of frozen haddock comes a curious Internet site.

Enterprising hackers in Norway set up a Web cam and aimed it at the door of an alleged establishment of salubrious entertainment ("horehus", in Norwegian). The object of the exercise is to show that with a $75 Web cam and a Net link, you can keep public tabs on what or whomever you like without permission or knowledge. Netsurfers Gazette

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