Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Peace and Plenty

The EC President Manuel Barroso has dropped by Northern Ireland (Norn Iron) and confirmed that about £600m of European funds would be devoted to NI and the Republic's border counties over the next six years.

Isn't he the nice man. That's six hundred million pounds people. Those useful things that are now 2 to the US dollar.

Together with the buckets that nice man Tony Blair promised its all a fair bit.

Who said peace doesn't pay.

Or as that formidable man Dr Ian Paisley (Big Ian) would say, "thank God for peace", and the border people people would eacho that and add "and thank Tony and Manuel for the money".

Don't bash business

Peter Drucker in one of his best books postulated that Government had taken control of the institutions in modern society that were once free entities a few hundred years ago.

Institutions which were powerful and important for their members were shadows of their former selves.

The Universities were bought, the churches subsumed, the public service, the legislature, the army, you name it government controlled it.

Except one. Business.

Only the communists stopped business and what a success that was.

A supermarket brings 0ver 25 thousand items to its shelves for your choice
and yet the loonies mock the market.
Everywhere the Government is in charge of food the people starve.