Sunday, May 17, 2009

Line up and take your medicine children.

Kiwis will put up with anything from the Government.
The latest is dosing bread with folic acid.

Over four million people will have their bread adulterated to cure 4 to 10 birth deformations.

So pregnant women are unable to buy this stuff themsleves?

Worse it could increase cancers of the prostate and the liver.

Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson should can this one as soon as possible.

Just because the last government wanted to line the people of the country up in yards and drench them like sheep is no reason why sanity should not prevail under this one.

Whats next - aspirin in the milk to thin the blood.

This is madness.

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  1. Enforced medication of the community is to be generally deplored. However, this condemnation is rather sweeping. I can think of good reasons for adding floride to drinking water, its benefits are proven and the supposed dangers remain unproven. Indeed in the English county of Derbyshire it occurs naturally in the water at a rate 10 times higher than it is employed in N.Z. Until I hear that Derbyshire's people are dying like flies, or are looseing all their teeth, I will ignore the scaremongers.