Sunday, May 17, 2009

Greens win Freemantle

The Green party won a by-election for Jim McGinty’s seat in the Western Australian State Parliament.

The seat has been with Labor since 1924.

This is quite an event.

They have five crossbench senators in Federal Parliament, which is elected by proportional representation.

This might be a sign of the parting of the ways by the insufferable latte socialists from the battlers in the Labor Party.

Labor may lose a few central city seats in the next Federal election.

The trendy wendys in these seats won’t forgive Kevin Rudd for watering down the Global Warming Carbon Reduction Trading scheme before the Senate.

Meanwhile the battlers in the outer suburbs that Labor won back from Howard in 2007 and the miners and workers in the rest of the country will not acrifice one job for those 385 molecules in a million that have Green's leader Bob Brown so worried that he would let a wrecking ball loose on the Australian economy.

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