Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The ideological world versus the real world

Those who construct their reality from an ideology, like the marxists, or from a religion like say the Greens must occasionally look at the parts of the modern world which they have wrought and wonder at the current tragic consequences of the actions drawn from their unreal ideas.
Why have had such monsterous and evil consequences followed the lofty ideals of the left..

The ideology that sprang form the 60's from the "New" Left and the environmental movement, their projected a reality, has come to pass.

They hold the seats of power in governments, universities and the media.
These institutions have marched in lockstep with their brilliant ideas for a better and more enlightened future for us all. From saving Africa, ending poverty leveling out incomes, to changing the world's thermostat no project was too small for taxpayers money to be hurled in billions into the breach.

We have funded billions and billions of dollars from the public purse for their solutions to conjured threats.

The solutions they promulgated have been taken put in place at enourmous expense.

Why then if the implementation of their ideas has been to their wishes has a grusome reality arrived that is so different from their claimed nivarna.

What has actually come to pass is so different from that promised by the green doomsayers that you have to conclude that to continue to hold the views they do, so far removed from reality, is akin to madness.

In the end though thankfully reality mugs them.

They see a world of windmills, of centrally commanded social mores, of social justice and control by government.

What they cannot ignore is the reality if what is actually there.

The vast number of hard realities that governments can never control, for long anyway.

Two things are certain.

When the ideas of their rulers are so far removed from their reality of life every day people revolt.

That, or the economic system collapses when fixing the imaginary problems takes all the money and meantime the real problems are starved of attention and resources.

Take one example of a Green scare.

The world population explosion is a core left bogey man, a frightener of small children and ill informed politicians.

The worlds population will peak at 2050. It will decline thereafter if present trends are continued.

This is the reality.

It is here already. Take the reality of what the deluded greens perceive of is an "overpopulated" Japan.

"According to a U.S. annual report, Japan’s population peaked in 2005 and will plunge from its current 127 million to 89 million in 2050. That’s a decline of 30%. The median age in Japan today is 43 years old, the highest in the world.

The average age in Japan in 2050 is projected to be 61.

An increasing number of Japanese leaders are looking for an easy way out of the dilemma of rapid societal aging — as evidenced by recommendations by the Japanese Association of Acute Medicine to allow euthanasia for the terminally ill.

On last year’s Children’s Day, the government noted that the number of children in Japan had declined for the 26th consecutive year. Over the past decade, more than 2,000 junior and senior high schools closed due to lack of students to teach. As I recently viewed a report on Japanese television stating that more than 60,000 teachers are unemployed, I couldn’t help but wonder if that teacher I met at the one-student school still had a job. That same program reported that nearly 100 children’s theme parks have closed in recent years and that more and more pediatricians are switching specialties to become geriatricians.

Since the 1920s, when Margaret Sanger traveled to Japan to promote contraception and sterilization, the Japanese have embraced the modern notion of “family planning.”

One recent poll revealed that 70% of young Japanese single women have no intention of getting married because babies are simply “too much trouble.”


So for the reason that babies are too much trouble for these polished young ladies of priveliege the race, culture, social and enttity called Japan will cease to exist in the forseable future.

That is how the world ends, not with a whimper or a bang, not by fire nor by ice, not even with the babble of a small child.

It ends because girls whose Grandmothers and mothers made the deepest and hardest personal sacrifice two generations before to bring them their spoiled life of luxery, and whose Grandfathers and fathers, raised their Nation from paddy field poverty and serfdom by sacrifice, hard work and enterprise to be the second wealthiest in the world, find shopping and holidays so much more fun that the keeping of a messy husband and the tending of a bothersome child.

The George Monbiot's of this world ponder how to get "rid" of four or five billion people, people like you and me, to avert impending catastrophe. Their ideology misleads them and hides the real reality.

They rest easy, safe.

They live the life of the priveleiged elite.

They have constructed a world from words and ideas.

And it suits them well.

Well 42 years have passed since the genesis of this thinking.

The time of the test has come.

Does the real world match their construct.

Being unable to discern the difference between a world of fantasy and a world of reality is a symtom of madness.

Read that piece about Japan above, that is reality not the phantoms of '1968"

As my hero Deng Jioping said.

We may agree or disagree about ideology, but we must proceed from reality.

Taxpayers should refuse to spend their money on the green madness.

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