Thursday, June 4, 2009

American Presidents and Ancient Dan

A friend has extended the bait of commenting on Reagan as Pesident and I am rising to it.

But you can’t do that without comparing him with the others who have struggled to make a fist of the hardest job in the world

Good guys,bad guys
What sort of people were they personally
Did they do any good?
Were their policies sensible and to the taste of Ancient Dan?

This rendition is a totally personal view and is interspersed with the then personal history of Ancient Dan in his travels and learnings in matters politic which may or may not explain some of the idiosyncratic conclusions made

No apologies will be made for any statement

Nor will Ancient Dan be easily persuaded to another point of view.

Ancient Dan has the privileges of age.

I am entering my well-earned and deserved curmudgeonly stage of life where I really can’t be bothered changing opinions unless it means cash in the mail or better tasting beer.

Anyways sometimes I was there and you were not.
Well Ancient I am and my memory of presidents goes way back.
Much Much more

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